What's the first picture that comes to your mind when you think about the life in Iran? is it something like a nation wholly opposed to Western modernity??? probably. Like many countries, oppression and violence are a reality of everyday life, but overall Iran is a country striving to find a middle ground between staunch traditionalist and modern sensibilities, most notably in the area of Tehran, Iran’s cultural and industrial capital. That's what the Rich Kids Of Tehran Instagram Account really meant for!

This instagram account highlights the Iran most of us don’t normally get to see, and reminds us that an entire country should not be judged by its government, extremists or political landscape.

Their lifestyle might seem surprising, given that it's coming out of a largely conservative, Muslim country—out of a culture that objects to iconography, where alcohol is prohibited and immodest dressing a crime. Take a ride through the pics, and you'll experience the Iranian life of Luxuries!

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