If you have naturally long hair, kudos to you, because you’re for sure the subject of some serious hair envy. On the flip side, you know firsthand that it isn’t always as glamorous as it appears to be. From constant tangles to being terrified of getting even the tiniest trim, having long hair is basically a full-time job, that sometimes you just wish you could take a day off from.Getting a bob cut must be on your wish list but you never actually go for it because you love your hair, no matter what.

1 Finding your hair EVERYWHERE

Comb is the worst enemy of my hair, On your pillows, on the floor, in the car, down the drain, on your clothes, on your boyfriend’s clothes and even in your food. It’s actually a miracle you’re not bald!

2Blegh! That's 'romantic'!

3 Shutting your hair in the car door

Or car window, they’re both equally as painful

4 Brushing your hair is a workout

5 Sleeping as Rapunzel, waking up as Merida.

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6 Puzzle that need physical patience

7 Nightmare!!

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8 Getting your hair caught in everything. EVERYTHING

9 Cooking with your hair out? Don't even think about it.

10 Ah man, they come in between our...Oops, in between pillow. And yes, 'there'

Img Source : C-Cassandra

Do you have a similar love hate relationship with your hair?