It is important to have good nights sleep for our health and well-being. But as the days go by, it's almost impossible to sleep 8 hours a day, as recommended. Sometimes people can not stand the fatigue and end up napping anywhere, that's why we can not totally control our sleep. And this sometimes happens in the most unexpected places.

1 I bet this kid will be proud of this photo!


2 I'm 90% sure it was a week of exams.

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3 Hopefully he woke up before reaching the end!

4 When you do not care what's going on.

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5 Is he dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer?

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6 Who else can boast a fairy tale photo with Santa?

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7 The position does not matter.

8 And here we have a hidden vocal talent.

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9 Asleep? No. Just slowly sliding to the exit.

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10 Even during the Academy Awards!

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11 When you're tired, you can fall asleep anywhere.

12 A stranger thought this was the best place to fall asleep.

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13 This is certainly the quietest sleeper of all!

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14 Celebrities also get tired.

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15 When you're fed up with all these responsibilities:

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16 Honestly, it's easy to understand. They are so comfortable ...

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17 TV shows are also no exception.

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18 A very cute photo of a baby and his grandmother

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19 Do not try this position unless you want to wake up in another city without your shoes.

20 I mean, actually. Who cares about the position?

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21 Caring coworkers have built him a shelter.

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