We all love reading Guinness Book of World Records. The book presents an amazing collection of records ranging from sublime to the absolutely ridiculous. Guinness Book of World Records actually challenges our imagination because some of the records we never even thought were possible are accomplished with ease.

So this article is dedicated to such records which made their way into the 2018 edition of the book. There's a person holding the record for the largest collection of Batman memorabilia. We aren't even kidding! Want to see more of such records?

Scroll down.

1The Longest tail on a domestic cat living

220.5-inch high-top fade

318ft Longest fingernails on a pair of two hands

4First prosthetic tattoo gun arm

5Most mustard tubes drunk in 30 seconds

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6First implanted antenna

750 people in a camper van

8Largest collection of Batman memorabilia

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988 inch long eyelashes

10Oldest bodybuilder

11Most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit

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