Dubai will not fail to bewitch you as they dazzle. Sculpted by oil, this Oasis of excess was born to overwhelm, to become a paradise of whims. To always go one step further into opulence. The place to dive with dolphins, ski, ride the desert dunes in a jeep; Or getting to 300 km / hour in a Ferrari is possible in the same morning. Do not test Dubai and its oil lamp genius by wondering what it is that on this piece of land bathed by the Arabian Sea you cannot discover, buy, eat or experiment. Because the city was lit to give it everything, in fivefold and with overdose of exclusivity. Do not ask for three wishes; Ask them all. But comply with the only stipulated requirement: it is imperative to be shocked.

1 You’ll see Tigers instead of dogs hanging out from window.

2 They take their lions for speed boat rides.

3 A big car for big family!

4 Riding the lion is a pleasure.

5 Horse powered bike is not something rare

6 A Dubai fun.

7 Balancing turtle on turtle

8 Playing tennis at worl'd highest tennis cort

9 Cell phones can cost more than all the money you will earn in life.

10 Dubai looks like fairy tale

11 Free foods for poor people

12 Smarter way to carry vehicles!

13 ATMs only to take out gold

14 Camel as a source of travelling, parked at car parking area.

15 Panoramic View of dubai, but beautiful!

16 Never mess with these car park attendants!

17 Marriage counseling being unorthodox!

18 Ride with camels!

19 Beautiful outlets of Starbucks.

20 Cops usually have Lamborghini cars!

21 The Indoor Skeing Area

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