In one of our recent articles we discussed some of the funniest 911 calls made by cute li'l kids.

Today we have a heroic five-year-old who saved her mother's life by calmly calling 999 when she passed out.

Meet Caitlin Walsh and her cute little angel April


Last week Caitlin had agonising stomach cramps and gradually fainted. She could have died. But she was saved by the person she loves most in her life ... although everyone thought she would not be able to . With a heroic decision, her five-year-old daughter saved her life.

Caitlin suffers from Perthes disease and taught her five-year-old daughter April what she should do if her mom started to feel poorly. Perthes disease is a rare childhood condition that affects the hip. It occurs when the blood supply to the thighbone is disrupted and the bone cells die.

when little April saw that her mother did not react, she called 999.

“I am so proud of April, she is my hero, and the way she rang for help showed such a level of maturity.” said Caitlin.


The operator who answered could not believe the tranquility he heard in that innocent voice. She explained to him calmly and in detail what was going on with her mother, since she had reacted badly to one of her medications.


They immediately sent the ambulance, and took Caitlin to the hospital .


April's call was saved, and then shared with everyone in the hospital ... not just for pride, but to show it to other mothers and children ... to teach them what to do in such a case.

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