Amazon, as we all know is the most famous online Shopping site in the world. Quite a good number of people use this site to buy products. Recently, a parrot has managed to be on the list of amazons prestigious customers.

The African grey called Buddy has turned a star overnight by mimicking his owner to order online shopping via Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled system. The five-year-old pet had impersonated one of her conversations and placed the order while she was out.


Buddy ordered a £10 ($13.50, 11.50 euro) set of gift boxes, Owner Corienne laughed out loud when she discovered Buddy was the culprit of a mystery order.


When I came home on Sunday, I could hear Buddy talking but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. Then I heard Alexa say, ‘Sorry I didn’t quite get that.’ Buddy said ‘Alexa’ and some gibberish, and the machine replied, ‘What is it you want to order?” “I didn’t hear what happened after that and didn’t think anything of it until I got a notification that my Amazon order had been placed. “I hadn’t ordered anything. I asked my husband and my son who didn’t know what I was talking about. “So then I asked Alexa, ‘What was my last order?’ and she said it was these golden gift boxes.
Said Corienne

Buddy's order


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