We are different and unique in our own ways. Just like a few of us can be super good at one thing and excel at it while others cannot even understand it. This happens because all of ours brain works differently. What may seem easy to one person might seem the hardest thing to someone else. Similarly, all of our bodies also react differently to different things. we count eleven things most humans can’t do! Are you an exception?

Open-Eyed Sneezing


Have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of humans sneeze with their eyes closed? Try it yourself. It’s nearly impossible to launch a spread-fire of mucus with your eyes open.This may be the body’s way of preventing germs from entering the eye. Thanks, brain! You’re always looking out for us.

Raise One Eyebrow


Raising your eyebrows suggestively or in bewilderment is one awesome life skill. Virtually everyone can raise both eyebrows, but only a portion of the population can raise one at a time – that is, without moving the other at all.It’s believed raising your eyebrows is an evolutionary trait, as mandrills, baboons and capuchin monkeys raise their eyebrows as a threat gesture.

Touching Your Nose with Your Tongue


It’s thought that only ten percent of the population can perform this act, which is known as Gorlin sign in the medical world. In some instances it can indicate connective tissue disorder, but if you can do it put it on all your resumés and dating profiles. You are one highly sought-after human being.

Put your fist in your mouth


People who can fit their entire fist into their mouths are a rare anomaly. For most, it’s a near impossible feat.But if many people have told you you’re annoying or that you talk too much then you should probably learn how to do this. Go on. Start practising.

Tongue tricks


Can you split or roll your tongue, perform a reverse T, flip your tongue 180 degrees or make shapes like a spaceship or clover leaf? These strange manipulations of our most malleable organ are a pretty neat party trick.Whatever the mysterious origin of these tricks is, they’re quite impressive. Only the hardcore should attempt them, though, as they come with pretty serious risk of tongue cramping.

Wiggle your ears


Are you in the minority of people who can wiggle their ears? Some can do it, but only in conjunction with raising their eyebrows, which is a good way to make everyone think you’re constipated.But those who weren’t blessed with natural ear-wiggling talents shouldn’t despair! With practice, it’s possible to train yourself to do it. Isolate your ear-wiggling muscles and in no time you’ll become the next ear-wiggling YouTube sensation.

Elbow Licking


It’s just about impossible for most people to lick their elbows. Try it now. Make sure you’re alone, though, or you may be committed.Guinness World Records staff receive five claims a day from people who think they’re special because they can lick their elbows. For most people, though, elbows and saliva are destined never to meet.

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Gleeking is the hottest new trend. Gleeking is the term for when you project saliva from the submandibular gland after compressing it with your tongue. This means you stimulate the saliva glands under your tongue to spit a concentrated jet of saliva.

Tickle Yourself


We all have ticklish spots that friends and loved ones love to zero in on. Being tickled makes us laugh, squirm and sometimes pee a little. And if you’re anything like me it makes you reflexively punch and kick anyone within reach.Unless there is a disconnect between you and your subconscious mind, your touch will always be anticipated.

Talking while inhaling


This one is much difficult to do than it seems, you may not be able to speak correctly and only manage to say some words. Naturally, we exhale while talking, that’s how the vocal cords get their energy to make a sound. This all has to do with how our vocal cords are set up inside which can be affected by air and pressure. So almost no one can speak while inhaling except a few people like musicians inhale through their nose and breathe out through their mouths by circular breathing.

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Bend the last thumb joint


All of us can raise our thumbs for giving a thumbs up to various people at variegated times but some people take it to the next level by stretching their thumbs backwards and all the way touching their wrist with it. Well, that is possible because they have hypermobile joints.

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