It's the loveliest thing you'll read today.

A few weeks ago, NASA publicly announced that they were looking for someone to take the position of Planetary Protection Officer. Clearly, the announcement has generated great interest, since many want to be able to protect our planet from the alien threats. It even generated interest in a boy named Jack, who sent a letter to run for the post as soon as possible.

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"Dear NASA,

My name is Jack Davis and I would like to run for the position of Planetary Protection Officer. I know I'm only nine years old, but I think I'm ready for the job. One of the reasons is that my sister says I'm an alien. In addition I have seen almost all the films about the space and the aliens that I could. I also saw the Marvel Agents series and hope to see the movie Men in Black soon. I am very good at playing video games, and I am young so I can learn to think like an alien."

Jack Davis,
Guardian of the Galaxy
Fourth grade

And his lovely letter so moved the NASA officials, that they decided to respond!

"Dear Jack,

I learned that you are a "Guardian of the Galaxy" and that you are interested in applying for the position of NASA's Planetary Protection Officer. That is very good!
This position is very cool and is a very important job. The idea is to protect the earth from small microbes when we bring specimens from the Moon, several asteroids, and Mars. . .
We are always looking for future scientists and engineers to help us, so I hope you study hard and do well in school. We look forward to seeing you here at NASA someday!"

Dr. James L. Green
Director of the Division of Planetary Science

We also hope that Jack achieves his dreams, and thanks to friendly NASA officials, now Jack will have even more desire to become a Guardian of the Galaxy.

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