1All the gold ever mined in the world, will fit in the three swimming pools of Olympic standards.

2The leaves of eucalyptus is also contained gold.

3Sailors really wore gold earrings. In this way they insure their existence after death: selling earring, friends could sailor a proper burial.

4Olympic gold consists of gold by just 1%.

5ice cream testers use gold spoons to cut short after taste. Aesthetes!

6In Dubai, there are ATMs issuing gold bullion.

7The human body has all sorts of curious trace elements in it, and that includes gold too. The average person has about 0.2 milligrams of gold in their body at any given time, found mostly in the blood.

8The world is full of people who have strange fears. One of the more weird ones is aurophobia, also known as the fear of gold.

9The largest piece of gold in the world is a gold brick that weighs 250 kg or 551lbs.

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