A huge stolen bike depot (three 300 and 400) was discovered last week (on Wednesday 7 February) in Cinisello Balsamo, on the roof of a shed in Viale Fulvio Testi. The impressive photo-complaint came from an anonymous source to the online magazine 'The submarine' and to the local police in Milan, which then posted the photo on the Facebook page "Stolen and rediscovered bikes". The anonymous informer, who as proof shows us two aerial photos of the building in question, an industrial warehouse in a state of decay and neglect.

The area has already been seized and the bikes will be transferred to a warehouse where the vehicles will be identified with the help of the photos posted on the page "Stolen bikes": so the legitimate owners will be able to recognize them and get them back.

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According to the informer, the stolen goods included all sorts of vehicles: from poorly-worn and unimportant bikes to very high-quality cross-country and racing models . The roof of the shed was used by thieves as temporary storage, waiting to move or sell them on the black market.

It remains to be seen how it was possible that someone has carried such a huge number of bicycles as shown in the photo - onto the roof of a building without attracting attention, in such a busy area of ​​Milan.

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