Did you know that in some places people say hello by spitting at each other? Can you imagine yourself doing it? Read on to discover some of the bizarre international greetings.

1Japan: Bowing

People greet each other with a bow in Japan. The problem is that their bows differ in angle and duration depending on the person they're greeting.

2Polynesia, Tuvalu cheek to cheek

On one of the Polynesian islands locals greet each other by touching cheek to cheek, taking a deep breath.

3Thailand: Wai

In this country, to say hello, put his hands together as in prayer. They are applied to the head or chest. Next you need to make a slight bow.

4Philippines: "mano"

One of the traditional greeting - a manifestation of respect for the older person. The younger should bend a little, take your right hand and the right hand of a senior attach to the forehead. It should say "mano by" - "I respect your hand."

5New Zealand: Hongi

The traditional Māori greeting, known as hongi, is similar to the oman greeting except they also press their foreheads together and look at each others eyes

6China: "kowtow"

So-called traditional Chinese greeting. To do this, you need to fold your arms and bow down

7Tibet: Sticking your tongue out

Tibetan monks stick their tongue out to greet people. They also press the hands together and place them in front of their chest to show that they "come in peace". They started doing this to prove that they're not the reincarnation of a cruel king from the 9th century that had a black tongue.

8India: Namasthe

Many Hindus pressed palms to each other in the fingers pointing upwards. Their tips should be at the level of eyebrows. Hugs are only permitted after a long separation. Men hug and pat each other on the back. Women hold each other's forearms are applied left and right cheeks.

9Botswana: Handshake

Now that you're a pro of greeting people in different cultures, you're ready for the Botswana handshake! To perform this, you have to follow 3 steps: extend your right arm, place your left hand on your right elbow, and press hands together; Interlock your hand with the other person's, interlacing thumbs; and then return to the original position and say "Lae kae?" which means "How are you?" in Setswana.

10Oman: Nose "kisses"

In Oman, men often greet each other by pressing their noses together.

11Malay: Salam

The Salam is a traditional greeting in Malay, it is similar to a handshake except both hands are used. The two individuals clasp each others hands and then bring both hands to rest on their chests as a sign of open heart and good will.

12Greenland: Kunik

You know how everyone thinks they greet others by pressing the tip of their noses against each other? Well, forget about it. Actually, don't even talk to them about it because it'll bug them. But people of Greenland perform a unique and traditional greeting with their loved ones called "Kunik" and it consists of placing their nose and upper lip against the cheek or forehead of the other person and taking a deep breath.

13Kenya: Adamu

If you're lucky enough to witness the unique welcoming greeting of the Maasai's, you're in for a treat! The tribe warriors perform an elaborated jumping dance.

14Africa: Spitting

The most bizarre greeting on our list is a tradition from the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania. They spit on each other as a greeting and as a huge sign of respect. But the younger tribesman must spit on their own hand before offering it to older members of the tribe. Lovely!!

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