Here are A few 'Thought Provoking' Signages and ads That You Need to See

Humour can be found anywhere. Use of humour can be particularly effective when it comes to products that we buy. Since consumers get bombarded with commercial messages,many marketers use humour as a way of getting attention. A full fledged laughter can be triggered by a content that talks about some forbidden feelings, violating some uniform social standards or the social context in which it occurs.
Here we bring some of the humour filled informatory sign boards or advertisement hoardings that are worth your time.

These master minds know the keyword for grabbing attention

If at all you can read between the lines...

The government is highly considerate about this minority

Now that's one big fact

Every employee will wish to have this in their office

Yeah... That NO in red shows the management is so particular about it...

Simple and Straightforward!

He knows how to market himself! An Obama who is so demanding,

If you're someone who complaints for not finding a genuinity in advertisements, take a look at this

Please be cautious...It's not over yet

One cannot be more polite and humble to his customers

Noteworthy line by a Barber...That's one hell of a Salon Ad

We bow before your excellency

Even if they take the flight or not, no man will ever leave this hoarding unnoticed

Can you think of a better place to place the ad?

Self appraisal or what?

um.. Well, that was a little too much!

Creativity at its best

Kudos to these brilliant thoughts!