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He never thought he could buy a pair of jeans, and today he's happier than ever. But the road to that was more than difficult ... and very dangerous. Nikki Webster, 34, weighed in at 294 kilos, and her case was so shocking that she was documented for a year on the My Life 600-pound TV show.

The level of obesity he came to barely allowed him to stop, and he had difficulty even taking a bath.

"My weight weakens me. My body hurts and I hate it. I'm telling myself. Food is an addiction for me and that addiction is killing me."

Her dangerous state of health pushed her to the limit and she visited Dr. Younan, in Texas, urgently. In the consultation they decided that it had to be operated. A case like this is not simple, and to be able to enter the pavilion he had to lose 23 kilos before.

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He did it for three months and after the procedure, he followed a food and sports routine that ended up taking away 93 kilos from him. He also had to operate his big excess of skin, that being the only way to get rid of it.

But Nikki did not want to stop there. With a commitment to the gym and good nutrition , she promised herself to lose 90 kilos more over a year and a year and a half. And he achieve it.

Today weighs 88 kilos and goes through moments that never thought he would live. They invited her out and she could buy jeans, maybe a small detail in the routine of many, but that meant a lot to her: it was the first time in her life that she could do it.

His change has meant so much that he managed to reunite with his mother and sister, who did not let him see his little nephews because of the "impact it could have on them". He continues to have a very close relationship with his father and helps him look after his brother Chris, who has cerebral palsy.

A really amazing story that we applaud. With commitment and conviction, she overcame what stopped her and did badly throughout her life. Bravo!

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