Green Boots is the name given to the unidentified corpse of a climber that became a landmark on the main Northwest ridge route of Mount Everest. There have been approximately 280 recorded deaths on Mount Everest. And most of those who have perished never leave the mountain. No matter how careful you are, there are no guarantees up there.On top of this, regular climbers don't carry enough oxygen to sustain themselves for the extensive time period of a rescue. These people learned in the harshest possible way that the mountain is always in control.

1 Hannelore Schmatz (16 February 1940 – 2 October 1979)

Hannelore Schmatz was a German mountaineer. She collapsed and died on October 2, 1979 as she was returning from summiting Mount Everest via the southern route, the first woman and first German citizen to die on the upper slopes of Everest.

2 Tsewang Paljor (10 April 1968 – 10 May 1996)

Tsewang Paljor was a member of the first Indian team to reach the summit of Mount Everest from the North Col. Tsewang Paljor was one among three Indians who died on the mountain during the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. While descending from the summit, he was trapped in a blizzard, and died due to exposure. He is believed by some to be the unidentified climber called "Green Boots" whose body was used by some as a trail marker.

3 David Sharp (15 February 1972 – 15 May 2006)

David Sharp was an English mountaineer who died near the summit of Mount Everest. His death caused controversy and debate, because he was passed by a number of other climbers heading to and returning from the summit as he was dying, although a number of others did try to help him.

Sharp had previously summitted Cho Oyu and was noted as being a talented rock climber, who seemed to acclimatize well, and was known for being in good humor around mountaineering camps. He had appeared briefly in season one of the television show Everest: Beyond the Limit, which was filmed the same season as his ill-fated expedition to Everest.

4 Francys Arsentiev (January 18, 1958 – May 24, 1998)

Francys Arsentiev became the first woman from the United States to reach the summit of Mount Everest without the aid of bottled oxygen, on May 22, 1998. She then died during the descent.

A team of people tried to help Francys down the mountain, but it was just too difficult. Two members stayed with her until her death. Her most quoted words before her death were "Don't leave me here to die." She is now known as Sleeping Beauty.

5 George Herbert Leigh Mallory (18 June 1886 – 8 or 9 June 1924)

George Herbert Leigh Mallory was an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest, in the early 1920s.

6 Marko Lihteneker

This Slovenian climber died descending the mountain in 2005. His body is a mere 160 vertical feet below the summit.

7 Shriya Shah–Klorfine

Shriya reached the summit in 2012, but died on the descent. Her bodies lies 1000 feet from the summit, draped in a Canadian flag.

Mt.Everest is one that has driven thousands of climbers to follow in their footsteps ever since – with many, like these heroes, failing to return.

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