While four of her five children got their master's degree and one even went on to receive a PhD in the US, Kimlan's dreams still lingered and it wasn't long when she decided that it's never too late to do what you are passionate about.

Kimlan Jinakul, the 91 years old tender old woman from Thailand managed to graduate of university in the race of Human Ecology. She always wanted to attend college when she had all the vitality of youth but she never could.

After years of studying and balancing her schedule, her dream had finally came into reality as Kimlan Jinakul picked up her degree.

Kimlan is originally comes from the Lampang province in the north of Thailand and went to one of the best schools in her province.

But moving on to university was not an option at the time, and after her family moved to Bangkok, Kimplan got married and had to abandon her dream to study further.

She always encouraged and supported her children to study when they wanted to go to university.

At the age of 72 she enrolled in the distance university of Sukhothai Thammathirat, where she obtained her free education because the study house exempt of the payment of the matricula to the majors of 60 years. But unfortunately her daughter, who was also her classmate was died, Kimlan then dropped out of the course for a few years. But she was not defeated and in 2011, when she was 85 years old, she entered again for second victorious attempt and enrolled for a degree in Human Ecology.

Ambition and determination played a huge part in taking her big step. According to Kimlan, if it wasn't for her ambition and determination, she wouldn't have continued.

"After recovering from the loss and sadness, I pushed myself to finish this program. I'm hoping my daughter's soul would be pleased to see this." said Kimlan. " I do not think anyone employs me , " she added jokingly. But, what can not be doubted is that this old woman an example of determination and rights, which shows that it is never too late to fulfill dreams.

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