Tony Sellers’ mother was in care home and he used to visit her regularly. Once when he went there, he thought it will be the same meeting with his mother, but things were not the same as before. His mother was not there! Check out where she is!

Tony did not know that his mother went out of care home to get a tattoo with his own daughter.

When Tony came to know by the staff that his mother and his daughter went out somewhere, he was worried at first.

Tony’s daughter asked him to meet at some restaurant, when he reached there he couldn't find them inside the restaurant . But saw them through a window of “Tattoo Studio 76”.

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Grandma was sitting in middle of teenagers and getting her tattoos. Grandma requested for a heart tattoo on her hand!

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Great-grandmother Sadie Sellers, 79, left from her home to get inked for the first time along with granddaughter Samantha, 22, in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. She wanted to match her tattoo with her granddaughter’s, and felt no pain in getting it.

Grandma was least bothered of what her family would think of her. All she said was "I don’t care!" Truly Badass!!!!

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