It does'nt matter how many times you repeat an experience in your life, there is nothing like the first time. No matter how old you are, the first time you do something - whether it's seeing the snow, traveling somewhere, meeting someone or using a new technology - it 's a unique and unrepeatable feeling. Here are 29 reactions of people having their first time in something.

1 This little baby's reaction To Seeing A Ballerina For The First Time

2 Experiencing A Swing Set For The First Time

3 This Grandma Went To A Grow House For The First Time

4 Both Were Unsure Of The Other. Cousins First Meeting

5 These Kids In China Have Never Seen Red Hair Before And Asked To Touch It

6 Get On The Ride They Said, It'll Be Fun, They Said

7 Seeing Snow For The First Time

8 Just Tried Beer For The First Time In Her Entire Life

9 First Time Using Chopsticks

10 Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time

11 This 96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR For The First Time

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12 Team Rwanda See Snow For The First Ever Time

13 100-Year-Old Ruby Holt Sees Ocean For The First Time

14 This Mom Got Her First Windowed Oven

15 92-Year Old Grandmother Meeting her 2 Day Old Grand Daughter For The First Time.

16 Grandma's first time in Hawaii.

17 Tribal Children See An iPad For The First Time

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18 Here Is A Soldier Who Meeting His Daughter For The First Time

19 Showing My Grandma My Tattoo For The First Time

20 When he Saw his Wife For The First Time On their Wedding Day

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21 The Day When this little Got Her First Kitten

22 Enjoyed His First Time In The Snow

23 This baby Meeting Santa For The First Time

24 Timmy's First Time Out

25 Meeting A Dog For The First Time

26 Seeing A Movie With A Scary Scene

27 Holding His Baby Sister For The First Time

28 Clark Was Very Excited To Ride A Rollercoaster Like A Big Boy, Until The First Drop

29 Seeing Giraffes For The First Time

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