Does anyone Know who this kid is?

Childhood is the most innocent stage in a human life. It is that phase of life where a child is free from all the tensions. But not all children get to experience this. Poverty in the Philippines are leaving more and more children in the streets. Most of their families couldn’t afford to send them to school, therefore these children are left with no choice but to provide for themselves. They are either left to beg on the streets – or work to help their families survive.

A photo of an adorable little boy selling vegetables went viral on social media, and has reached a famous Filipina actress and singer Sharon Cuneta, wanted to know where the young boy was—as she wanted to help him. In the photo taken by unknown netizens, the boy can be seen sleeping as he was ‘tired’ of waiting for customers to buy his veggies.

Cuneta hopes that her post goes viral and somehow could reach the people who knows the boy in the photo. The photo touched her heart, prompting her to to express her interest to help the boy study in the future. She also added that she is willing to buy the vegetables that is being sold by the boy every single day.

As of this article’s writing time, the identity and location of the boy is still unknown. But we hope and pray that this will help Ms. Sharon Cuneta find the little boy and be an instrument in changing his life!

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