The LGBT community over the years has achieved great achievements compared to what has happened in the past, but it is still a long way from people to understand that the most important in any social environment is respect for others, and that in every way, including with regard to sexual orientation. Now, there is no denying that in the past things were even worse for gays. Proof of this is that for many years, many heterosexuals "idealized" different bizarre ways of applying a kind of "gay cure." We have selected some of these bizarre methods that have already been used for such a gay cure.

1 Castrations

Let's go back to 1940. It is likely that this was one of the worst times for those who were members of the LGBT community. If somehow the authorities found out that you are a homosexual, you would expect one of the most painful tortures, which at times ended in death. If someone from your family found out that you are gay, then you are immediately would be sent to a psychiatric hospital under round the clock surveillance. The person in fact had no choice. You are either castrated or, at best, you will not die, but will remain disabled, or you will be sent to a psychiatric hospital where you too may be "healed" to death.

Doctors in such places promised to relatives of the person that will help to cure him of the so-called "sexual sickness". Aesculapius "prescribed" castration not so often, but this does not mean that it was not. However a lot of such cases occurred in Nazi Germany. Homosexuals who ended up in concentration camps agreed to castration just to "shave off their term". And this was just one method in the long list of "treatments" proposed by the Nazis.

2 Spiritual Approach

Homosexuality is a great sin in many religions. Some religious people believe that relations between members of the same sex are unnatural, and their orientation is contrary to what the Lord God has ordained. In fact, some very religious people begin to literally "brainwash" their children, that in no case their beloved child does not go in the wrong footsteps. Homosexuality is equated with the machinations of Satan. If, God forbid, a child realizes that he likes not the opposite sex, but his own, and parents learn about it, then the smallest thing that they do with such children is locked in the room and left there to pray for several hours. This is a common practice for Russian families with homosexual children.

Most of the parents in Russia force the church to visit their children in order to purge themselves, which in itself is utterly absurd. Homosexuality is not a disease, not the Devil's injustice, and in this case holy water will not help. If, for some reason, parents are trying in some way to purify their child of this "abomination," then it may be worth considering whether they are generally liked by this family if they can not accept it as it is?

3 Torture of various drugs

If you think that the so-called psychiatric institutions for the treatment of homosexuality have gone into the deep past, then we dare to disappoint you, it is not so. In 2017, photographer Paola Paredes managed to get to one of these clinics in Ecuador. She witnessed numerous horrors, including sadistic methods of drug treatment. The clinic was allegedly the center of rehabilitation for drug addicts. "Doctors" gave their patients large doses of narcotic drugs to torture them.

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During the time when a person was ill and hurt, they showed pictures of naked men and women on the big screen, so that the brain would conduct an association, between what they liked earlier and what brings the crazy pain. And it is believed that this can forever stop cravings from towards your sex.

4 Shock Therapy

Until the mid-1980s, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. In the 1950s and 1960s, some therapists employed aversion therapy of the kind featured in A Clockwork Orange to "cure" male homosexuality. This typically involved showing patients pictures of naked men while giving them electric shocks or drugs to make them vomit, and, once they could no longer bear it, showing them pictures of naked women or sending them out on a "date" with a young nurse. Needless to say, these cruel and degrading methods proved entirely ineffective.

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The shock was not delivered to the hand or torso. Instead, the genitals were hooked up to the visually keyed shocker, and sometimes, the device was really cranked up. It became a widely used method of therapy and was even available for home use.

5 Conversion therapy

Most treatments for "gay cure" are psychological or spiritual, and many researchers and scientists see practices of the genre as harmful. Some professionals use the term "psychoanalysis" for this type of treatment. In the past, some professionals blindly believed that homosexuality was a gender identity crisis, and so developed the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. Information suggests that such a thesis organization used brutal methods that involved psychoanalysis to "treat" people in the LGBT community. The intention was to replace homosexual instincts with heterosexuals. Obviously this type of treatment was forbidden, since its methods were bizarre.

6 Lobotomies

Lobotomy suggested a violation of the integrity of the prefrontal lobe of the brain. This neurosurgical procedure was performed to reduce the manifestations of mental disorders in humans. Remember that at one time, homosexuality was a mental disorder. In general, lobotomy was performed without any anesthesia. This barbarism over man still took place to be in the US in 1981.

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