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Children and their parents usually look alike. But it sometimes happens that people inherit special features and peculiarities. Here are some amazing photographic examples proving that these parents and children don’t need to take a DNA test.

1 Like father, like son

2 It does not matter, it's family.


3 Even such an anomaly can be inherited.

4 This father and daughter both have vitiligo, A rare skin disease.

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5 Some customs can also be inherited.

6 They choose the same pose.

7 We know for whom he inherited his love for the sport.

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8 Dad and son have amazing blue eyes.

9 It seems they both are waiting for a miracle.

10 "My father and I am the same age."

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11 Same chuck of two generations.

12 Family Business.

13 No DNA test needed.

14 This Mother And Her Daughter Both Have A very Unusual Hair Color.

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