Bruce Lee ,The Patron of the Underworld

Bruce Lee, Underworld, these names may sound familiar,but not as familiar as you might have thought. This Bruce Lee from Europe's own Romania had a different story to share.

His looks and his place may look completely wild and weird sometimes. Yes,he is a drug dealer in the underworld tunnels of Romania.

For an outsider the visuals of a young boy getting down to a sewage tunnel where you hear a tomorrowland sort of music mix and a smoke filled ambience under the tunnel may seem awkward and strange. But for sewege people there on the streets it's just a usual thing.

'Many youngsters mostly orphans' explains Bruce lee, it was me who brought them up and of course they all wanted to lead a good life rather than dealing drugs. But the authorities never cared. My Mom left me when I was just 3 months oldI was brought up in an orphanage, later this underworld.

He also shares many sad tales of people who depend on the tunnel, who had lost their dreams at such an early stage.

A drug-dealer who is faithful,understanding and showers kindness to the down-trodden people who had probably fallen in the web of mysery.
Bruce lee is not the type of good person we are used to, the media never told anyone a story similar to this, but he just wants to help those people because he grew as one of them.

Father for half a hundred orphans down there,under the streets of Romania.

Bruce Lee and his so called asylum was raided by Police last year.