One thing that every modern man hate despite of their caste, creed or profession will be a Traffic Block. Traffic tends to be chaotic on city roads where everyone blows their horn, and cuts in front of other vehicles with only inches to spare.Do you think the congestion on your way to work is bad? Try to live in one of these cities, you will find yourself lucky.
Statistics show that we spend nearly one eighth of our lives traveling to school or work every day. Some cities have long, wide roads and often do not have cars on weekends so that the roadway is not stressed. However, other cities have roads that are often 'overrun' by cars and public transport which causes traffic congestion. This affects the everyday life of the employee.

1Moped drivers crowd at an intersection in Taipei.

2People waiting for the train to São Paulo. According to Reuters, this is one of the biggest human traffic jams. The average waiting time for the train was more than three hours to drive 14 km.

3Rickshaw is a popular transport in Bangladesh. At festivals and holidays, their number can reach 3 million.

4Passengers climbed onto a crowded train in Soweto, South Africa.

5Paid travel in Beijing is filled with cars, as people return home from a week-long holiday.

6This train, ready to leave Dhaka.

7Cork in Xiamen in China.

8Cars, buses scooters and motorcycles - all play a role in the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

9Cork in Beijing.

10 Cars are stuck in the Oshodi area of ​​Lagos. Traffic jams in Nigeria occur spontaneously and at any time of the day.

11 Bangkok, is known as one of the busiest cities in the world. The authorities are taking efforts to eliminate traffic jams, for example, increasing the transportation by river transport.

12 Bucharest in Romania has a reputation as a European city with the most horrible traffic jams.

13 Traffic jams on the streets of Jakarta, often leave traffic stationary for long hours.

14 The Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, which connects Ortaköy and Beylerbey, is corked. According to GPS TomTom statistics, people in Istanbul spend about 125 hours each year on traffic jams.

15 The intersection near Shibuya station in Tokyo is known as one of the most congested intersections, where more than 2500 can cross the street at rush hour.

16 Moscow is always constrained by traffic jams. The picture shows a cork on Tverskaya Street.

17 Passengers are waiting for the train to Mumbai.

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