Before you get your next waxing Appointment,Take a look at This

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to legs those untamed body hairs or a simply looking to shape your eyebrows, waxing is one hair removal method that has it all covered.

But as many of us know, its really a painful experience. Every now and then, we keep hearing those stories of torture and pain!

Waxing is very common now-a-days and both men and women perform waxing. Spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin, firmly pressing a paper strip or cloth and once adhered properly to the skin, it is quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth.

The process is that simple. But have you ever visualized it ? Like with full detailing? those hairs getting seperated from you skin layer one by one, and your skin turning

Well ,The SloMo guys have imagined it and in order to explain the process as they best way possible they have recorded it, in slow motion ofcourse!

Get the video here

So whatever you choose, salon or home, next time you are sure to remeber this! be brave!