It is said that the best things in life are free – technically that should include the air we breathe. But this is not the case in China, where locals prove that an “air-for-sale” scheme is actually a legitimate business.

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In a bid to combat the deteriorating air quality in China, two sisters in the country have come up with an unusual idea.


The women from China's Xining, the provincial capital of the country's western Qinghai, have launched an online start-up to sell fresh air collected from the Tibetan Plateau. A video, in the local language, lays out the process of collecting the air and selling it online. It shows the duo collecting air from a Xining park.

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Also, people reportedly have a choice of air depending on their preference; they can buy air either from the mountain or the valley.


The video explains the process of collecting air and selling it online.The sisters claimed they sold 100 bags so far at the cost of 15 yuan (around $2.3) per bag.The Chinese women claimed that they started their "fresh air" business not for money but for highlighting the importance and need for better efforts to protect the environment.


Other than this, if an international breath of fresh air is what you seek, there’s bottled air from Canada, of course, and Australia too.

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