Anybody Who Owns a Puppy or Plans to have One, Don't Miss This

A new puppy’s first groom may not always be a pleasant and pleasurable experience. But it is a most momentous occasion, similar to when a human kid gets his first haircut.
The first grooming appointment might be quite lengthy, as you want the puppy to feel comfortable and trust the groomer. With a gentle touch, he will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to fear.

Take a look at these cuties who are so easy with their grooming sessions

A puppy's first haircut is a priceless moment for pet owners -- especially when they are this cute as Ella, a teacup Maltese

It looks like she's absolutely enjoying it

That's a million dollar smile you can see on a puppy's face

Aww! When your puppy is damn sleepy and still obeys you...

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So adorable and Cute. :) Isn't she?

Remember, your initial approach can have a lifelong effect on a pup, be it positive or negative.