If you happen to be walking through the Swedish city of Malmö, make sure to pay attention to the little details aka little mice shops.

A mystery mouse-sized universe which grabbed global headlines after a mini restaurant and shop popped up in Malmö last year has been given a new addition: a tiny funfair.

If there was one Swedish story that captured the world's attention more than any other last year, it was the tale of a tiny restaurant and store for mice which appeared on a busy Malmö street in last year.

The artists behind it, an elusive bunch going only by the name "AnonyMouse", told The Local at the time that their next installation would be even better, but then quietly withdrew from the spotlight. Following the mysterious appearance of a cluster of mouse-sized shops in Malmö last December, the team has created a mouse-sized theme park.

Named after a popular children’s character, Tjoffsans Tivoli has everything a discerning mouse could wish for in a leisure destination.

Thrill rides include a ‘big’ wheel, a creepy cat coaster and a rodent roundabout in the form of a teacup ride. There’s even a fortune teller and a popcorn stand. Admission charges are reportedly furry reasonable.

This latest appearance of the mouse-sized theme park taps into a growing trend for all things miniature.

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