Throughout the world, China is known not only as a world factory, but also as the birthplace of all kinds of clones and counterfeits. China forges everything from replicas of phones and watches to aircraft carriers and fighters. Today the Chinese began to forge cities and world sights. Or rather, do not forge, and copy. Because we are not talking about theme parks with models of houses, but about areas designed and adapted for life.

1Eiffel Tower and Versailles in Hangzhou

In the Tian-Dungen area on the outskirts of Hangzhou (in the east of China) a copy of the historical part of Paris was created. In the center of the building zone, of course, is a copy of the Eiffel Tower. In addition to the Parisian "beauty", there were built: the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles and even the residential quarter, which are an exact replica of European buildings (not counting the size, for example, the Chinese Eiffel Tower is only 108 m high).

2The Moscow Kremlin in Beijing

In 2013, an analogue of the Moscow Kremlin appeared in China. The administration of the Mantougou District has built a business complex, whose buildings almost completely replicate the architecture of the Kremlin temples. The only difference is the absence of crosses on domes. It is for sure not known who exactly came up with the idea of ​​recreating the main attraction of Moscow in the Beijing area.

3Tower Bridge in Suzhou

In 2014, a copy of the Tower Bridge in London was built in Suzhou, the width of which is 45.9 meters. From London, it is distinguished by the presence of four towers instead of two. The height of each of them reaches 40 meters, the top of the towers is decorated with gold crowns. The cost of the construction was hundreds of millions of yuan. In China, many call it one of the most terrible structures in the PRC, others write that this building causes them only a shame. However, there are those who believe that the copy of the bridge in many respects surpasses the original.

4The Roman Colosseum in Macao

The Chinese are resolutely refusing to understand why the Roman Colosseum can not be located in Macau. Tribunes of this architectural forgery can accommodate 2000 people. Fortunately, spectators come to admire not gladiatorial fights, but only charitable concerts.

5Thames Town in Shanghai

"English" city near Shanghai. This is not an exact copy of any particular English city. Here everything is a little: cobbled streets, a Gothic cathedral, red telephone booths and even an impromptu Thames. Thames Town was built as a quarter for wealthy Chinese, who can afford to live in the Celestial "as in Europe." The authenticity of the English town was not completely preserved: the London Black Cab Taxi TX4 was made in China.

6Florence in Tianjin

In 2013, on the site of a small town near the port of Tianjin appeared a miniature version of Florence. "Florentine Village" is a city-shop, in which various Italian brands are represented: Gucci, Fendi, Prada, as well as brands from all over the world from luxury, premium, sports and leisure segments. However, people come there not only for shopping, but also to enjoy the spirit of Italy, without leaving China: a snack in Italian restaurants, ride a gondola through the canals and admire the architecture of the city.

7Hallstatt in Guangdong

In June 2012, the official opening of the Chinese twin of the Austrian Hallstatt took place. The copy was built by Minmetals Corporation, having spent $ 940 million on this project. The cloned city is located in the southern province of Guangdong, half an hour's drive from Huizhou City. To convey the maximum similarity with Hallstatt architects adopted the characteristic style of urban construction, and also erected the main symbol of the city - the church.

8Paris triumphal arch of Zhengzhou

In China, you can find several Parisian triumphal arches. One of them is in the city of Zhengzhou, in Henan Province.

9German town in Shanghai

Instead of reproducing another village with a lock from a collection of German fairy-tales, the architects invited from Germany to build the Anting German Town in the suburbs of Shanghai decided to be practical and build a modern German city in China. The district, intended for living almost 50 thousand people, mostly stands empty.

10Interlaken in Beijing

To the south of Davan Qiao in Beijing, a village was created after the model of the Alpine Swiss town of Interlaken.

11Titanic in Sichuan

November 30, 2016 in the Chinese province of Sichuan held a ceremony of laying a copy of the Atlantic liner "Titanic". In the open sea the new "Titanic" will not come out - the ship will become an attraction, whose visitors can feel themselves in the role of passengers of the flight of 1912. A replica of the 269-meter-long Titanic is being built in the Dain District of Sichuan Province in the future resort. In Sichuan there is no way out to the sea: a copy of the ship is built on the river bank and it is not planned to launch it. The new "Titanic", in fact, will be a hotel that repeats the appearance and interior of the ship, sunk in 1912.

Imaginechina/REX shutterstock

The cost of construction is one billion yuan (145 million dollars). When exactly it will be completed, it is not known. That by August 2017, the company is expected to Wuchang Shipyard, which specializes in the construction of nuclear submarines and warships, to make all the details, and then collect them from a copy of the "Titanic". Now the place where a copy of the ocean liner is being built is not built up. With the help of the new attraction, Sichuan authorities plan to attract tourists to the region.

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