The anxiety of seeing death inches away from you is something that only such flicks could glorify. But how would you feel that there are real-life examples of people who cheated the same way and lived to tell the tale? They could have died, but they somehow made it out of their almost fatal situations.

Here are some lucky people that manage to swerve disaster in a miraculous manner. Below we have a range of examples, take a look!

1Arrow in the eye

They say that this horrible accident happened while some children, including this one, were playing with bows and arrows, one of which fell directly on the eye. How it happened?
They placed an apple on the child's head, Robin Hood style (how barbaric), tuned the aim ... and zazzzz ... straight to the eye!
Simply horrible!

2Close Call

The car driver survived, and This is the biggest example of why it's necessary for you to always secure your luggage.

3127 Hours Stuck in the canyon: Aron Ralston's story of survival

n April 2003 climber Aron Ralston entered Utah's Bluejohn Canyon only to become trapped when an 800-pound (360-kilogram) boulder shifted, crushed his hand, and pinned him to the canyon wall.Trapped and facing certain death, Ralston chose a final option that later made him an international sensation: Using a multitool, the climber amputated his right hand, then rappelled to freedom.

4Shark Attack

A shark bite in shallow standing water? That's what a Bellaire teen is dealing with after a routine Galveston beach day turned into a national news story.Fourteen-year-old Mikaela Medina decided to cool off in the water after an afternoon at the beach with her family when she felt something slam into her back. Startled and confused as the what had hit her, she quickly made her way back to shore. the shark wound, which was minor enough to not need a trip to the hospital or even stitches.

5Got Backstabbed: Julia Popova

Julia Popova, 22, was stabbed by a mugger as she walked home from work one day last autumn - but she was so traumatised by the attack that she walked home without realising the knife was embedded in her, just a fraction of an inch from her spinal cord. In the image, blood is shown gushing from the wound as surgeons stare in awe, apparently preparing to operate to remove the six-inch blade.It is believed that Julia spent ten days in the hospital after the operation. 'She had a straightforward recovery,' the surgeon said - suffering no long-term effects from the horrific attack.

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6Teen's skull and brain pierced with fishing spear

The boys were preparing the gas-powered spear gun to hunt for fish in the lake when it suddenly fired. The three foot long spear pierced Yasser’s head an inch above his eye and when through the back of his skull.They removed 18 inches of the object before taking the X-ray. Surgeons then spent three hours taking out the spear from Yasser’s head.When he woke from his incident doctors were amazed at his quick recovery.

7The Free-fall Survivor: Vesna Vulović

Working as a flight attendant at the time of the accident, on the same flight that got blown up, Vesna also survived a plummeting fall of 33,000 ft from the sky without a parachute.

8Half-Headed Man

Carlos lost a portion of his brain and skulls during a car crash. He flew through his car's windshield and hit the pavement head first, resulting in the massive loss of tissue. Doctors were forced to cut off the injured tissue, bone and brain to help him survive.

9Plane Crash

In 1971, Juliane Koepcke’s plane crashed in the Peruvian Amazon. She was only 17 but managed to wander through the dangerous jungles and survive for 10 days before being rescued.

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