Winning Ways to Make Up With Your Girlfriend After a Fight

The most delicate time in any relationship is right after you have had a big fight.
Your sweetie is still mad, you are still mad, and you know you should talk about your problem but you are afraid of starting another fight.
Eventually, if you want to know how to make up with your girlfriend, you have to get back together and talk about what is wrong. There are tried-and-true techniques for initiating that first, vital step towards healthy communication after a fight.


It is never too late to initiate communication.

If your “time out” has lasted for days, weeks, or even months, it can feel awkward to make up with your girlfriend and attempt to talk about what happened. There are a number of ways you can do it. A note or e-mail asking her to meet you for coffee is respectful and non-intrusive.If you have come to the conclusion that you were the one in the wrong, flowers are a time-honoured conciliatory gesture, if accompanied by a note saying, “I miss you. Can we talk?”The important thing is to ask nicely, and do not make demands. She does not owe you a conversation, no matter how much you want to have one.


Just request for forgiveness

"Darling, please forgive me.”As simple as that. After a fight, one should never try to blame the other for whatever just happened. The more trifling the reason for the argument, the earlier should be your request for forgiveness. Just give her a call and tell her sorry in the most apologetic tone, and trust me, she will forget whatever happened.


Show her that your love for her is more important than the fight.

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Be honest about what you are fighting about.

If you have realized halfway through the argument that you might be mistaken but the momentum of the argument keeps you fighting, confess this to her. If you think that maybe the fight you had was not really about the dirty dishes but was, instead, the result of some other, unspoken resentments, get that out on the table.


Let your action mirror your words

Make efforts to move forward by doing something new and different. An outdoor adventure such as climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping will put you in the present moment. Sharing something thrilling is a good way make up with your girlfriend and to clear the deck of previous not so happy events.


Accept responsibility for your part of the fight.

It takes two to have an argument, and even if you still believe you were right, you still contributed to the blow-up.Saying, “I am sorry, I over reacted” or “I admit that I may not have really been listening to your concerns” is a good start towards patching up your differences and getting back together.
It is all too easy to blame the other person for a fight, to call them insensitive or stubborn, but usually it involves both parties not really listening to each other to turn it into a full-scale rumble.

Man, you have to make a move....after all, you love her!