Due to the failure of biorhythms and the time difference, it is often impossible to avoid feeling tired, traveling on airplanes.

That's why the best friend of the human race is just blood damn important. But with him there is one serious problem: the coffee that the stewardesses serve is always bad.

And here are the reasons for this, according to Hello Giggles:

Water: The water used to make coffee comes from the same tank as the water you use to wash your hands in the bathroom, and, apparently, it is not the best.

The cooking process: At an altitude of 10 kilometers, water boils at a much lower temperature, which leads to a disruption in the extraction process, so that only some of the coffee particles are dissolved.

You Yourself: It's not all about coffee, because your taste buds are also part of the problem - due to cabin pressure, dry air and altitude, which weaken your perception of taste.

But do not worry - while coffee may not meet the high standard on your next flight, there is a very tasty alternative. Wine, it turns out, gets even better when you fly in the air.

Jordan Salcito, director of special wine projects for Momofuku restaurants, told GQ:
"As a rule, shit wine will taste less crap at altitude."

This is due to the same reasons that affect the taste of coffee: dry air and pressure in the cabin.

Andrea Robinson, a master sommelier for the Delta airborne wines, told GQ:

"Salons of airplanes are incredibly dry. And the drier the environment, the more dry your olfactory system. When your olfactory receptors dry up, you can not feel the whole complexity of the taste. "

Experts recommend a light wine with a stronger flavor.

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