This Instagram Brings two of your favorite things: handsome boys and adorable dogs

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Instagram not only serves to upload photos of your last dinner and your selfies with your best friend, although you already knew that. If there is something that haunts many are hashtags, that phrase or word that you put after the symbol # and that not only serves to label something but also helps you when you want to look for something in particular. For example: dogs.

I must admit that within the hashtags I look the most are food, books and dogs, but of course other people should have interests much more diverse than mineand should be entertained rather looking for beautiful boys and girls in the social network.

While it may seem that both ghosts are totally different, the truth is that there is an Internet place where all this perfectly matches: the Hot Dudes With Dogs account that only uploads pictures of handsome boys with VERY cute and cute puppies.

Can anyone guess this pup's mix😍😍? - @dylanthomas90 @dylanthomas90 @dylanthomas90

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The account already has almost 420 thousand followers and has 775 publications currently. In addition, they have a website on which you can send pictures of some handsome guy posing with a dog to appear on the Instagram.

If you want to see the evidence that this is one of the best Instagram accounts you will see today, then keep going down, we have several pictures for you:

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