Marijuana remains illegal under federal law but has been legalized for recreational use in eight states, including Washington, Colorado and California, as well as the District of Columbia.


And as a result a new drive thru concept has taken life in Colorado. Tumbleweed is the first marijuana dispensary which occupies a former car wash in the town of Parachute. (While some grow operations have been approved, none has yet opened). you will, picking up some perfectly legal recreational marijuana on your way home from work, much as you would a sack of cheeseburgers, a six pack of beer, or other things that are less healthy for you than weed.


The store also features a hidden entrance for those who do not want to be seen while going to buy marijuana. It's called Tumbleweed Express


Officials with Colorado’s marijuana regulator were not immediately available for comment on Wednesday, but were quoted in local media as saying the store would need to abide by statewide rules and bar people under 21 from the premises, even in the back of a car.

A Team holidaying at Tumbleweed

Roy McClung , Mayor of Parachute thinks that if voters decide in November to rescind the town’s legalization of the marijuana industry, existing marijuana businesses in town would be grandfathered in and allowed to continue operating, although there surely will be legal arguments on either side of that issue

A Bud tender at Tumbleweed in Parachute

However, the drive-thru will still need to follow the strict rules governing the substance, including barring anyone under 21 years old from the premises, even if they are in the backseat of the car.

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