This Adorable Bulldog Gets So Upset When His master Scolds Him

You Must Learn the Real Meaning of Obedience From This little creature.

We all know that bulldogs always mellow even the coldest heart, and the case of this cute puppy is no exception. This time his master is scolding him for having eaten Christmas decorations and his face of guilt and sadness was recorded in a video that is revolutionizing social networks.

Let's face it, everyone who has had pets has experienced this feeling of pity when they see us with that face and hesitate to reprimand it. However we know that if we do, these little friends will not learn to behave better.

Although ... many times we give in to these tender faces and then fall melted before them and we have no choice but to hug and kiss them (something that does not help them learn the lesson)

This article is incomplete without this video.