These Stunning Underwater Photography Will Bring You Into The Beauty Of Sea Life

Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities.

Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater "landscapes", invertebrates, seaweeds, geological features, and portraits of fellow divers.

Photographer Nick Blake captures the fascinating light and shade in the underground cave. By virtue of the work became the "2017 underwater photographer" contest winner.

This sea lion bite the starfish picture taken in Panama's Los Islotes, in the image group won the recommendation award."2017 Underwater Photographers Competition" list of winners have been announced, from the sad sinking to the lively marine life, this group of wonderful pictures will take you to enjoy the magic of the underwater world.

French photographer Gabriel Barathieu won the title of the 2017 underwater photographer with this "dancing octopus". The picture was taken at the low tide of the Mayyo Lagoon (located in the Indian Ocean).

Judge Alex Mustard said: "ballet-like action reveals a fierce, this picture shows the octopus hunting means."

The picture of the humpback whale hired the recommended award in the wide-angle group. "This is a stunning picture of animal behavior, and a humpback whale drives herring in shallow water, and the picture is taken in very difficult conditions."

The photographer is in a low light Underwater doing very well, keenly recorded this breathtaking scene

"Green Turtles in the rays" (Green Turtles in the rays) is the image group recommended award works. The picture was taken in a diving trip in Tenerife (the largest island in the Canary Islands). The competition has a total of 67 countries from the photographer to participate in the entries reached 4500 pieces.

The winner of the "British Waters Wide Angle" group is the picture of the killer whale taken in the waters of the North Sea, where the photographer is Melvin Redeker.

Sunset when the Louilla wreck, filmed in the Egyptian Tiran Strait Gordon Reef (Gordon Reef), the picture won the "Seabed Wreck" group champion. "The shipwreck will soon become a part of the ecosystem," said the photographer, "and lay a pile of chains in her shape like a whale.

Patrick Neumann won the wide-angle recommendation by virtue of the picture of this whale shark. In the 30 years of photography career, Neumann with these majestic life meet expectations, carried out about three thousand times diving.

This mysterious picture was highly rated in the "Seabed Wreck" group.

In this highly acclaimed picture, an underwater photographer swam to the command tower of the U-352 submarine wreck. The German submarine in 1942 by the US military in North Carolina near the corner of the injury and sank, and now has become a lot of fish for food shelter.

This shrimp mantis larvae of the picture won the "macro" group champion. The judges said the picture was excellent in many ways; it was like a scene in a sci-fi movie, an encounter in outer space, and the particles in the background caused a similar effect to the stars, making the subject look great and dangerous.

Perfect composition will undoubtedly make you start to worry about the fate of the little guy on the right.

The photographer explained that the head of the weight of 6 tons, 5.5 meters long humpback whale "very lively." The picture was nominated for the rookie category.

"Twilight Silverfish" was filmed on the northern coast of Thailand Island Road and received a recommendation in the "wide angle" category.

The picture of the Umbria sunken ship was taken in Sudan. "On the way back to the dive, I noticed the room filled with light," said the photographer, "and the light from the side of the window is so neat that it creates a magical effect as if the Umbria was still intact. This room should look like when sailing on the sea.

This picture, "Clownfish Swirl", was filmed in the Indonesian waters and received a recommendation in the "Macro" category.

This is the Second World War when the Japanese Navy's Tianshan ship attack aircraft. The picture was taken in Micronesia and received a recommendation in the "Seabed Debris" category.

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