So when they see the opportunity to play ... nothing stops them. Literally nothing. What is a bit of dirt and mud to them? The following 15 dogs showed the best way to this point, and you will not stop laughing when you see them.
Although if one of those is your house ... I said a million wonderful things? ... Well, maybe one or another thing a little bad ...

1"I wanted to know how the mud smelled ... you can not get angry ..."


2"Next time you scold me, I m going to do something really big"


3"I was just tryin to look like the Portrait on our walls"


4"Right after a mud bath"


5"Sorry, but this one looks just great"


6"What did I do? After all I m their pet right?"

7"Messy dog makes a messy home"

8"Yes I admit my mistake"

9"nothing unusual happened while you were gone.”

10“I swear, the puddle just appeared out of NOWHERE!”

11"I'm just growing a mustache...and socks."

12"I just wanted to have a colourful appearance. Bored of being B&W"

13"Forgive me for one last time"

14"But what's wrong with mud?"

15"Is there any chance to get inside the house?"

16“Well, there was this smell that I absolutely HAD to investigate … “

17"Are you looking at me? Despite being dirty, this dog isn't afraid of confrontation"

18"Meanwhile for a quick selfie"

19"omg! I m trapped!"


20"And the last one has the perfect technique of camouflage ... bravo!"

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