These Bridesmaids break all the stereotypes of a traditional wedding

Meghan Butler, an American girl, decided that on their wedding day her bridesmaids that would do something that is rarely seen: instead of carrying a bouquet of flowers, each would carry a puppy . According to People magazine , the girls had been inspired by the photographs of another marriage in which they had done something similar and wanted to replicate it.

Brittany Boland / People

"We all love animals, so we thought it was good. We could not get away from them. "

Brittany Boland / People

She said that after the ceremony, they were photographed with one of the puppies. The latter was the idea of ​​the photographer Brittany Boland , who is a long time friend of the bride:

Brittany Boland / People

"When you bring puppies and women together, you definitely have a lot of screams and screams and smiles."

But the goal was not just to have a single marriage and full of tenderness. Meghan feels that the issue of responsible adoption and keeping of animals is very important, a fact that is reflected in the pets she has at home: two cats and two dogs, all adopted.

In fact, the grooms revealed that instead of giving souvenirs and gifts to the guests, they had decided to donate to an animal rescue center, and that center, in the form of gratitude, had sent them all those beautiful puppies for their big day.

The idea was to make the guests fond of them and would like to adopt them.

Brittany Boland / People

One of her friends and bridesmaids, Christine Eidson, said that this action had been an incredible way to mix Meghan's wedding with her deepest interests:

"Meghan's wedding day was great, because she was able to raise awareness about a cause that she is passionate about: adopting pets."

Brittany Boland / People

According to People , at the moment only one puppy remains without adopting, since all the other puppies went to their new homes during that same day, something that left very happy to the girlfriend:

"It was very special. This is something that I carry in my heart, and being able to raise awareness about the need for adoption of pets was the best part of my wedding. Well, besides marrying Brett, of course. "