When you are in North Korea,at some of the intersections you will happen to get an incredible sight of well dressed young pretty girls; well they are the so-called traffic girls. Guys will drool over these sexy traffic ladies but be careful – these girls are hard as nails, they control the traffic system for their capital city!

Standing in the designated circle in the middle of her intersection, each one was immaculately dressed in sky-blue uniform, with blouse underneath, gloves, socks and cap in white, and tie and shoes of black. In the right hand she held red-and-white baton, and a whistle in her left, tools to direct non-existent traffic of North Korean capital. They all stood as upright as a lamppost and constantly moved in rigid, but obviously well-rehearsed movements, exerting an unquestionable authority over an odd stray vehicle every once in a long while.


only the prettiest North Korean women are chosen to become traffic ladies. The job requires high levels of concentration so the ladies rotate their shifts every hour. It is also been said that Pyongyang mainly uses female traffic controllers on the theory that the male drivers(No women are allowed to drive in Pyongyang - they're considered a high accident risk) will pay more attention to a beautiful woman.


The “traffic girl” is a popular image in North Korea and can be found on postage stamps, propaganda posters, billboards and more. One can even purchase traffic girl dolls. Pyongyang's traffic police are held to high standards by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who personally chooses only the most tall and beautiful women to patrol traffic in the city. Each applicant must meet specific physical requirements in order to get qualified.


The women must be attractive and healthy, at least 5 feet 4 inches tall, between the ages of 16 and 26, and unmarried. But it's not just about the looks for Kim; he requires that all candidates graduate from high school, the Business Times noted.


As for the uniforms? They were created by the "great leader" Kim Jong Il. So, you know, there's a lighter side to the maniac dictator. Uniforms are changed with the seasons; in the colder months of the year a thicker dark blue outfit is worn, white is worn in the hotter months when the ladies used to stand under parasols for extra protection from the summer sun.


That is why they were provided with the stylish padded uniforms, best quality raincoats, boots, sunglasses, gloves and shoes along with a continuous supply of luxury cosmetics to prevent chaps on their pretty faces. Under such scrupulous care they are spending worthwhile days of duty service without the slightest inconvenience in their work.

Marco Moudrak

Their monthly pay reportedly comes to around 3,500 North Korean won, which translates to $30.


Shifting of duty :-
One girl materialised and in marching step trot along to the white circle at the intersection, to begin the ceremony of the shift change. The ceremony is brief, but elaborate and when it finished, the first girl was relieved of her duty, whereas the second one took over.


As well as directing vehicles through Pyongyang, the traffic girls customarily give a crisp salute to passing military and government officials.


The video below shows a traffic girl in action… You can see her snapping off salutes and whipping around to cover all four directions of traffic:


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