The Most Comfortable Bus Stop In The World

Residents of the small village on Dartmoor in the UK can now boast the most comfortable bus stop. One fine morning Volkhempton - is the name of the village - woke up and discovered that the miserable and covered with graffiti bus stop turned into a warm and cozy living room, full of soft chairs and cushions, with lots of paintings on the walls, with pots of flowers on the windows and other decorations everywhere. This is not the first time such a "transformation overnight" - bus stop was redekorirovana more than once, and that the most interesting - no one knows who is responsible for this matter.

Now stop more like a toy house - a feeling creates a contrast between the home decoration and outdoor wall.

Before stopping often been vandalized - the walls were izrisoval street graffiti, and quite mediocre quality; Now the walls are decorated with paintings of beautiful landscapes and the locals are very pleased to such changes.

One of the residents Volkhemptona said: "We like got its own superhero who saves us from discouragement." The village lives only 850 people, but the news of the anonymous designer bus stops quickly bypassed the first all local and national television and then the UK, including the BBC itself. "This attention we definitely cheered" says Nick Shutt, one of the local - "It's nice that for us now all know."

On Helluin anonymous designer decorate pumpkins stop and other attributes of the holiday, and on the last Valentine's Day roses decorated it, the pads in the shape of hearts, candles and baskets with chocolate, and the ceiling has attached a red chandelier with flowers, fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the day of lovers.

Residents left several letters with gratitude addressed to an unknown designer to the bus stop, with the request that he continued his cause.

Perhaps an example will Volkhemptona impetus to intensify partisan designers worldwide. Maybe it's your time to become a defender of the bus stops?