What are the really small things that tell a lot about a person's psychology and personality? Take a Look

1Red Hair

Scientists have found that redheads are more sensitive to the pain of humanity. On average, they are in need of anesthesia, the most by 20% during surgery than people with other hair colors.

2A Long Nose

People with long noses, as a rule, become the best businessmen. They also have a healthy sense of ambition, instincts more developed, while others react positively to their management.

3Location of Navel

Location of your navel can help you decide which sport to choose. People with a higher position of the navel, as a rule, become better runners (as they are usually longer legs relative to the total growth), while people with lower position of the navel are good swimmers (due to the long trunk).

4The proportion of the index and ring fingers

The good news for those whose index finger longer than the ring finger. These people are less likely to develop prostate cancer or heart disease.

5Assymetric Face

Studies have shown that people with asymmetrical faces tend to become the best team leaders. Good life hacking for those who are gaining a new team.

6Diagonal creases in the earlobe

In one study, researchers examined the relationship between the diagonal folds on the earlobe and fatal cardiovascular disease. It was found that 72% of men and 67% of women who died from heart disease or a heart attack, had diagonal creases on the lobes.

7Eyes Color

People with dark eye color are more prone / sensitive to alcohol than people with blue or green eyes. A broad forehead indicates intelligence, practicality and hard work. Also, people with a broad forehead is always a wide variety of ideas.


The hair can detect traces of some of the bad habits (even in death). Some drugs are left in the hair easy to detect the following over the years. For example, traces of morphine were found in strands of hair cut from the famous English poet Dzhona Kitsa, 165 years after his death.


Short people are likely to live longer than higher. One of the genes associated with longevity, is also responsible for low growth, according to the College of Medicine Alberta Eynshteyna research.

10Long Eyebrows

According to an expert on the physiognomy of Jean Hanera, people with long eyebrows tend to cope better with stress. they also tend to have a lot of friends, because it is more inclined to listen to others and help them.

11Thickness of the Nail

The changes taking place with nails, such as discoloration or thickening, can signal serious health problems. This may indicate liver and kidneys, hearts and lungs, anemia and diabetes.

12Blue Eyes

Scientists believe that the color of the eyes can determine to some extent what people achieve in life. Studies have shown that most people with blue eyes better address issues associated with strategic thinking than people with dark eyes.

13Square Palm

Whoever has a square palm, probably, is a practical and logical person, as well as a good mathematician. He is inclined to solve their problems logically and not to listen to your intuition.

14Blood Group

The researchers found that people with blood group "O" (group 1) are 83% more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. It turns out that mosquitoes are still those gourmets.

15Smile At a Graduation Photos

One study found a very unusual thing: the way people smile in old photographs can predict their future success in marriage. Psychologists have estimated graduation photos from college and found that none of the people who smiled most widely are not subsequently divorced.

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