She's 89, And Yes She is the World's Oldest Surgeon

Doctor Levushkina from Ryazan is believed to be the oldest working surgeon in the world. The doctor still performs 4 surgeries a day and feels full of energy.


Levushkina specializes in proctology. Her assistant says that each year they perform up to 150 operations and have zero mortality rate.

The surgeon says she has a passion for her profession. The Russian woman believes that the most important things in her field are good knowledge and love for people. As she shares, “You don’t have to feel sorry for people when they cry because of pain. You have to try and make sure there is no pain.”

Levushkina has never been married and has no children. She lives with her 8 cats (Gosha, Syna, Lapa, Lada, Chernyshka, Dymka). She feeds homeless animals in the streets and birds. According to her words, she doesn’t enter the home until she gives food to the dogs and cats. Previously, she used to take them home, but she’s too old for that now.

Levushkina has no plans to retire. She has worked with a scalpel in her hand for 68 years walmart pharmacy and still manages online uk quick delivery to rattle out four surgeries a day at Ryazan City Hospital near Moscow. Melania Trump picks Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff. Reynolds, Melania's second White House hire, will oversee operations in the White House East Wing, where the first lady operation is traditionally based.