Money is a medium of exchange that facilitates trade in goods and services. Wherever people pro­gressed beyond simple barter, they began to use their most market­able goods as media of exchange. Have you ever thoght of how far will your salary go in another city? Well if you have here is a small list that shows what different countries offer you for 1$.


In one of the inexpensive bars of Budapest can be ordered portion of hard liquor.


If you walk outside of the center of Brussels, you will be able to afford half portions Belgian waffles.


However, not for $ 1, and for 1 euro (a little more) in Italy, you can buy a house (!). So the authorities are trying to improve the situation in sparsely populated areas.


Japanese supermarket on the modest sum you can buy a pack conventional instant noodles.


At Goa for $ 1 you can tolerably well thali lunch or mashed vegetables and chickpeas, and then drink it all the masala tea.


A bottle of water at the grocery store.

7Czech Republic

In Prague shop you can buy for the money as much as 4 bottles of beer or 2 bottles and a packet of crisps.


One dollar you can pay for a straw hat or medical ointment with the poison of a cobra.


Two peeled mango, fruit plate with ice and condensed milk or a serving of fried banana - it's all here for $ 1.


Venezuela has the cheapest fuel in the world, you can fill a full tank for just 1 dollar! Or buy 4 tickets.

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