22-year-old eugène rouher Gray visited an exhibition of contemporary art at the Robert Gordon University. The student decided to make a joke and left a pineapple as an exhibit. However, he could not have imagined, than everything will turn out.


According to Gray, he bought a pineapple for 1 pound and as a joke left it on an empty bench. When he returned the next day, he found that the curators have placed a pineapple under the glass.

Guide Exhibition realized his mistake only after 2 days, but at that time, hundreds of students have been fooled by the unusual exhibit.


The exhibition itself is called Look Again ( «Look again"). Its goal - is to allow visitors to look at the space and the space around with fresh eyes.


When Gray asked about the meaning of his work, he jokingly replied that "the expansion of pineapple symbolizes the inevitable destruction of our whole life, but hell knows."

Buyers for an unusual exhibit has not yet found.

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