Horse-assisted Therapies are the Best Thing That Can Happen to Anyone

It is proven that the animals are of a special and unique aid when of therapeutic activities is treated. But beyond that, anyone who needs company will also appreciate being assisted by a four-legged friend. That's the exact case that happened in this nursing home ... Well, we are refering to a Horse!

This time, we are talking about the GREAT horse that visited them ... not just great. GIANT.

Yes, it seems like a Photoshop trick, but no. There are certain breeds of horses that are extremely large and generally live in England. This visitor definitely belongs to one of these and happened to see the residents of a nursing home in Clydesdale. It shows in the pictures: they were incredibly happy with their visit!

Here is another little one of a huge heart, but of a miniature size, who underwent therapy with a couple of grandparents in Switzerland.

Sweet, Isn't it?