Here are Some touching and strong shots of Cuban children who dream to work in the circus

In an abandoned movie theater, located on a busy avenue working district of Havana, Cuba, about 70 children between the ages of nine years doing everything to realize his dream into reality. They dream of working in the circus.

Acrobats climb the ropes, young jugglers throw skittles, others in turn are exercised on the trampoline and bars. Nobody even thinks to look at the devastation around them. At least in dry weather. From the roof there are only a few corrugated tin plates, is so dilapidated that through them you can easily see the sky

"Since childhood, I have always said that I wanted to join the circus" - says 12-year-old Daniela Rodriguez, who likes to train at high altitude. "At first I was a little scared, but I'm not afraid anymore."

Circus is a rare and very attractive opportunity for Cubans. This is a great career with a very good salary for the island, which is ruled by the Communist authorities.

Cuban circus performers, working abroad, receive a minimum of 800 euros per month, and often much more than this amount. To some extent, this can be considered a real success compared to the meager earnings at home.

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