Have you ever wondered how much dirt can there be in a car seat?


They tested how much dirt could be inhaled from a car and the result was disgusting


After seeing this, you will be addicted to cleaning.

The dirt is everywhere even if it is "transparent" and we do not notice it with the naked eye. If at this point you take a look at your mobile phone , you will notice that it is very bright and full of fingerprints; Tracks full of microbes. In fact, the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, demonstrated some years ago that this device has 30 times more bacteria than a toilet.

Have you ever wondered how much dirt can be in a seat?


Well, somebody wanted to show how dirty the car seats can be without us noticing it and took a clear vacuum to notice the residue.

Little by little it began to suck.

At first everything was going well and out of later it became a bit disgusting ...