A firefighter is almost always the first official "on the scene" of fires, car accidents, or other emergencies, which is why they are also sometimes called "first responders. They do not just fight fires. These brave heroes are some of the selfless people in the world. In the past 30 years, over four thousand firefighters have died on the job. Every day, these brave heroes risk their lives for the safety of no only a human being, but an animal as well.
Here are some touching images of firefighters rescueing animals.

1A frightened cat clings to a firefighter’s shoulder.

2In safe hands

3A careful handoff brings a trapped dog to safety.

4You will certainly live to fight for another day

5It's not just a job for them

6 The satisfaction on their faces is worth noticing

7A Bay District firefighter rescues a Shiba Inu pup.

8Firefighter Swims in Icy Charles River to Save Dog

9Firefighters rescue dog, man from water in Niagara Falls

10firefighters rescue dog from icy pond

11The Dog Rescued From The Structure Fire is given The Oxygen

12 Don't cry baby, Mama is over there

13 You want some water? Yeah?

14That considerate look is quite heartwhelming

15 A kitten meows with joy after being rescued.

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