Finnish "Fitness Barbie", obesity and anorexia survivor, became a star network

As a teenager, 24-year-old today Lola Pahkinamaki listened continuous insults at her weight. She liked sweets, eat a lot and anything - because even as a young girl weighed a lot. With the "teen" years, her weight was already 80 kg. Lola began to starve.

As a result of the lost weight 80 kg to 34 fell ill with anorexia. In the worst moment of her life Lola was able to survive the day ... eating one apple and practicing for 4 hours.

In the end, she went to the hospital. Almost died from anorexia.

Treatment has brought results. Living in Finland's 24-year-old began to eat. At the same time care about the line, but not exaggerated diets.

Today Lola runs a profile on Instagram, which presents itself as Lola Fitness Barbie . Not without reason - the girl gave herself a breast augmentation surgery to resemble the idol of the childhood years


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She says as a child she loved Barbie. Then, when you put on weight, the children laughed at her and mocking called "Barbie". Today Lola is aware that it does not look exactly like a doll, but she likes when people turn to her "Barbie" because she sees some similarity to the shape of her figure dolls.

"I know I do not look like Barbie, but positive comments, and compare me to Barbie really mean much to me," - She says instagramowa model.

"My message is: Do not try to lose weight or change for someone else. Other people's opinions are not as important as Your own assessment."

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