Falles of Valencia: The Festival of Fire

Fire Festival, which originated in Valencia and is held here since ancient times. Version of its origin vary dramatically. According to one of them, the festival appeared in the Christian era, when the Valencian carpenters bonfires on St. Joseph's Day, the patron saint of the city.Adherents of other theories suggest that this tradition is much more ancient and it was born in the days of paganism. Simply enjoy the stunning photographs taken during Las Fallas this year!
The term Falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments burnt during the celebration.

Earlier, they prepared dolls of well known personalities of Valencia, but now everything is politicized

Mariano Rajoy, the chairman of the Spanish government, in a dress.

Here you can find the image of Angela Merkel, and next to it - the French politician Marine Le Pen.

The festival and the political neutrality of the composition, which is worth noting, much more interesting.

They also include Bollywood dancing.

Though even in this scene you can see pictures of the members of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party.

Not without layout of the new US president Donald Trump. For instance, here he is depicted surrounded by monkeys.

One of the tourists photographing the image of Angela Merkel.

In this composition, Spanish politicians are depicted in the form of maps.

Spain's Minister of Defense.

Demonstrated at the Valencian festival figures fire called "Ninots". Each year, their height is growing, some do may reach 15-20 meters.

Here President Trump allegedly depicted are building the wall with Mexico.

The grand culmination of the event was the burning of giant puppets. Preparing for the final stage requires a lot of time and is conducted throughout the year.

Huge compositions, made of papier-mache, foam plastic, wax or wood, are set in advance on the future site of the burning. This day in the city nicknamed "La Planta".

All this covered by a fire extravaganza looks extremely epic and cool.

That will make an amazing holiday in Valencia.