Excited Parents Told their Cute Girl that She Will have a li'l brother, but her Response was not Nearly what they Expected.'s extremely funny!

Well, we would all have thought the same.

Having younger siblings is the best thing that can happen to you. They are adorable, they love you and they give you gifts with ice cream sticks . onen part it is extremely love for them but another part is also deep hatred for being more tender and that in some way or another it is your fault for what they do. Who understands parents? This mother told her adorable daughter that she will have a little brother, but she is much more interested in something else.

This is the hilarious moment that a girl discovers that she will have a little brother, but this one is distracted from moment to moment ...

After going to the ultrasound on Monday, Jess wanted Mollie to be the first person to discover it.

Jess, of Bolton and her partner Carl Tennent, 28, were very excited after picking her up from school to film her exciting reaction, but it was not nearly what they expected.

When they tried to capture Mollie's exciting moment, she was interested in something more ... in a cookie.

Watch the video here:

Awww, what tenderness and what a fun time!

The little girl was dying to know the sex of her new little brother, but when she was given the results, she not only compared her brother to an elephant, she wanted a cookie!

Her father said: " It was a very funny reaction, she had been very anxious to have a brother and then found out she seemed more interested in cookies"

What do you think the reaction of the little girl? I think I would do the same!